Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black in White Sand

My blog virtually went on a coma state the past few days. Our internet connection has been a problem ever since. But all is well! This will be the final installment of my Boracay adventure blogs. On my last day at Boracay, I took a quick dip at the beach even though the waves were so high. Of course, I took some quick snapshots and this time I finally succeeded at perfecting the jump shot pose! Praise God! 
I've had this swimsuit for forever, but I cant seem to let go of it. For some reason, it always makes me look skinny. As for the mullet skirt, I wanted to wear them because it was so windy and it just was all over the place. Pretty! Wearing all black in Boracay is kinda off though, but I like it! 

like this look on:

jumoshot 1: landing

 jumpshot 2: lift off

 my cousin joven the photobomb! :>

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