Monday, May 14, 2012


A few weeks from now, I, and my family will embark on a 24 hour road trip plus 2 days in manila, 1 day in tagaytay, and 3 days in boracay in between it all. Fun right? Now, the ultimate question in every fashion addict's mind is: "WHAT WILL I WEAR??". In every vacation, i always have things to consider in choosing what to wear.

1. comfort- don't ruin your vacation just because your pumps are too painful for mountain climbing :>
2. weather appropriateness- always check in advance what the weather is in your destination. This will help you enjoy your vacation more.
3. activity appropriateness- swimming, shopping, or sight seeing, make sure your outfit matches your activity. otherwise, even if you look fashionable, it will still be a little weird. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like an oversized cardigan as a cover-up for the beach, etc.

that being said, here are my inspiration outfits for the ultimate roadtirp/vacay of summer 2012

Ok, consider me crazy, but i plan my outfits even to the last detail including what to wear to the airport; even if i only spend a few hours checking in, boarding, and deplaning. I have low tolerance to cold weather so a cardigan is always a must, a bright one of course! :> floral top, white shorts, and flip flops for comfort. 

When i go to a different place (no matter how many times I've been there), i always check the shopping destinations. Some stores in Manila aren't in Cebu, so for the second day of my trip, i intend to check out as much stores as my day would allow me. My most comfortable shopping footwear would be my brown fit flops, the fit, the color, and the benefits (think, leg sculpting while shopping) are irresistible. A pair of aztec print leggings to make fitting bottoms easier, and a loose top.


Now, i haven't been to tagaytay so i don't really know what to expect. As usual, i googled the weather and things to do there. Since it's going to be warm in tagaytay, a sheer top, and a high waist shorts would be perfect. Flip flops for comfort (i don't really enjoy closed-shoes flats), and neon necklaces. 

I still have more days of this roadtrip, but unfortunately, I still havent found any inspirations yet. Theres more shopping, boracay, and of course, what im gonna wear on the road. Any suggestions? :>

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