Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's No Gray Area, Just Black and White

Taking photos of myself for this blog is something that really needs improvement. Looking at some of my favorite blogs, I find myself amazed at how beautiful their photos are. Hopefully, I'll get better with time. If you have tips, please feel free to let me know..:>
For the longest time, I've made a deal with myself not to wear black or dark colors that often, so i decided to give some of my dark colored clothes to my friends only to end up buying more. Well, my closet is a little bit colorful now but half of it is still dark blue or black. On my way to a casual meeting, I decided to wear black and white AGAIN! Promise, I'll be more colorful as soon a I get rid of all my dark colored pieces. 


  1. i like the black and white cos its simple and matches with anything that i wear. :)

  2. because youre a black and white fanatic! :>