Friday, May 11, 2012

ironically speechless

Ok, so i had the sudden impulse to create a blog. As a kid, i was never really the kind to keep a diary or a journal, but times have changed. What was once a tedious task for me (i really hate writing), is now a breeze with all the technology. So, my blog site will mostly be about informative things like how to's (only the ones that I already tried, reviews (mostly about girly stuffs like makeup or hair salons), and clothes clothes clothes! Expect the word "shopping" to come out at almost every post that i will make. I you're interested about these things, please feel free to read my blogs, post comments anytime, ask questions (although I'm not sure i can answer them all), and tell me what you think! :>


  1. will be checking on this blog daily... i'd like to make sure you're not ranting about me. hahaha

  2. haha promise dear, i wont blog anything bad about you...:> this is a good vibe zone..:>