Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Flowers

I cant believe it would take me this long to post the part 2 of my THE ULTIMATE ROADTRIP blog. So, to make up for that, I'll post a new look. 

Another normal day for me. I don't usually go out, so when I get the chance to, I play dress up. This dress is actually overused because it looks so fresh and pretty that it doesn't need plenty of accessories. Usually paired with my flip flops, a necklace, and some bangles like i usually do, I finally gave justice to this dress by pairing it with pumps. I found this really cool store that sells really cheap accessories, so I did a little haul there. Some of the pieces are even identical to the accessories found in the malls. Needless to say, I've hit the jackpot. Hopefully,  I'll be able to post all of my great finds soon. What do you think? :>

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  1. Hello dear, you have an amazing blog!!! Do you mind sharing your blog ideas?? I am basically NEW in blogging and if you don’t mind, maybe we could help each other? I’m a new follower… 


    1. hey! :> thanks! I just started out as well. We should help each other! :> ill follow you..:>

  2. Hey, I just found your blog!! :)
    You look absolutely amazing in these pictures, love the dress!!
    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like!!

    Books in my bags