Thursday, May 24, 2012

B.T.G. Aquapark (Elevate Your Summer!)

I have always been proud my country, especially where I'm from (Cebu). One reason is that the beaches here are AWESOME! Today I went to Porto Fino, one of the most affordable beaches here in Cebu. I'ts really just the usual white sand beach like most of the ones you can find here. We usually frequent this place especially it we're looking for a quick summer fix, made me particularly excited about this visit is the new.
B.T.G. Aquapark

300 pesos = unlimited
250 pesos = 30 minutes

 With 7 awesome inflatable rides that is sure to make any beach outing fun.

The summit includes a climbing wall, a slide, and triangular resting place in the middle. It is the biggest ride in the park. Climbing it was easy but the steep slide almost gave me a heart attack. Together with this is a log, it may look simple, but its the most difficult ride. So far, only my cousin was able to make to the tip. To be fair, it was the most non-frightening.

Another ride found in the park is the rock it. A spherical inflatable with 4 seats but can accommodate up to 8 persons. It tilts and spins like crazy. Not for seasick prone people, recommended for 100% fun.
As for the difficulty, 6 out of 10.

The B.T.G. Aquapark also features 2 trampolines. Located at opposite sides of the park, this is probably the easiest one. I mean, who doesn't know how to bounce, right? Attached with the smaller trampoline is a launcher that sends you flying. A great, and funnier, substitute for diving. Not funny for the heavyweights, hilarious for the lightweights.

The coolest, and second most difficult ride is the iceberg. It makes for a good exercise and a great twist to the usual wall climbing. Once you reach the top though, there's no other way to go down but to jump. It may look small, but up close, the size is definitely intimidating.

Life vests are provided and friendly and enthusiastic lifeguards are present around the park to provide assistance. Note: its really hard climbing up the inflatables even for guys with strengthened upper extremities.  

What I thought was just a regular beach outing turned out to be a blast! Surely, I'll be visiting the aquapark soon. I can honestly say, it is definitely worth it. Thanks B.T.G. Aquapark!

PAM :)
-of course i didn't forget that this is a fashion blog, will post my look soon. :)

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  1. Hi! Is this from your own camera? If it's from BTG Aquapark's camera, can you tell me where I can see/get the pics? Thanks ahead!:)