Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Another installment for my previous looks. I took this photo at a mountain garden when i accompaied my friend to his pre-nup photoshoot.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Beach Obsession

So here's what I wore from my previous blog post B.T.G. Aquapark (Elevate Your Summer!). I was inspired by the vintage swimwear look and also by my grandmother who looked like a guess model everytime she hits the beach.

Dotted one piece swimsuit by forever 21. Yellow high waist shorts by forever 21. Green sheer floral cover-up. Bright pink belt. What can be more summer than this? :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

B.T.G. Aquapark (Elevate Your Summer!)

I have always been proud my country, especially where I'm from (Cebu). One reason is that the beaches here are AWESOME! Today I went to Porto Fino, one of the most affordable beaches here in Cebu. I'ts really just the usual white sand beach like most of the ones you can find here. We usually frequent this place especially it we're looking for a quick summer fix, made me particularly excited about this visit is the new.
B.T.G. Aquapark

300 pesos = unlimited
250 pesos = 30 minutes

 With 7 awesome inflatable rides that is sure to make any beach outing fun.

The summit includes a climbing wall, a slide, and triangular resting place in the middle. It is the biggest ride in the park. Climbing it was easy but the steep slide almost gave me a heart attack. Together with this is a log, it may look simple, but its the most difficult ride. So far, only my cousin was able to make to the tip. To be fair, it was the most non-frightening.

Another ride found in the park is the rock it. A spherical inflatable with 4 seats but can accommodate up to 8 persons. It tilts and spins like crazy. Not for seasick prone people, recommended for 100% fun.
As for the difficulty, 6 out of 10.

The B.T.G. Aquapark also features 2 trampolines. Located at opposite sides of the park, this is probably the easiest one. I mean, who doesn't know how to bounce, right? Attached with the smaller trampoline is a launcher that sends you flying. A great, and funnier, substitute for diving. Not funny for the heavyweights, hilarious for the lightweights.

The coolest, and second most difficult ride is the iceberg. It makes for a good exercise and a great twist to the usual wall climbing. Once you reach the top though, there's no other way to go down but to jump. It may look small, but up close, the size is definitely intimidating.

Life vests are provided and friendly and enthusiastic lifeguards are present around the park to provide assistance. Note: its really hard climbing up the inflatables even for guys with strengthened upper extremities.  

What I thought was just a regular beach outing turned out to be a blast! Surely, I'll be visiting the aquapark soon. I can honestly say, it is definitely worth it. Thanks B.T.G. Aquapark!

PAM :)
-of course i didn't forget that this is a fashion blog, will post my look soon. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012


I've only started blogging this month but ive been posting my looks on lookbook.com and whatiwear.com since early this year. So heres the first installment of my previous looks. I think my pose is a little akward haha. Please tell me what you think.

Flag cardigans, white cotton top from cotton on, denim shorts, and a strappy wedge from wade.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Take Me to the Beach

Cebu, has countless of beautiful white sand beaches. I'm very fortunate to live 30 minutes away from most of the best resorts found it our country, Philippines. So, on this beautiful Saturday, my family and some of our friends decided to go to a private resort. Actually, they're big jetski fanatics and wanted to take the skis for a spin. Again, a black sheer top (i bought it because of the cute details) outside my black bikini, denim shorts, and flipflops (I know I've been wearing flipflops too much but this is the Philippines after all, and I'm in the beach), finished off with a cute red necklace from Malaysia, and a brown bangle. What's your best beach outfit? :>

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jumpshot Fail

Model like jumpshots look so effortless, little did we know that its really as hard as it is pretty. When doing jumpshots, it's really important to commit to it. Jump as many times as one can and try to vary the poses. Today, I've had my share of epic fail moments while attempting to achieve the perfect jumpshot photo. I had to accompany my mom to the mall for her gym time, so i decided to get ready really early and take some photos wearing yet another black skirt, and a loose top, finished with a gold skinny belt. My window shopping outfit for today. Tell me what you think.:>

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's No Gray Area, Just Black and White

Taking photos of myself for this blog is something that really needs improvement. Looking at some of my favorite blogs, I find myself amazed at how beautiful their photos are. Hopefully, I'll get better with time. If you have tips, please feel free to let me know..:>
For the longest time, I've made a deal with myself not to wear black or dark colors that often, so i decided to give some of my dark colored clothes to my friends only to end up buying more. Well, my closet is a little bit colorful now but half of it is still dark blue or black. On my way to a casual meeting, I decided to wear black and white AGAIN! Promise, I'll be more colorful as soon a I get rid of all my dark colored pieces. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Flowers

I cant believe it would take me this long to post the part 2 of my THE ULTIMATE ROADTRIP blog. So, to make up for that, I'll post a new look. 

Another normal day for me. I don't usually go out, so when I get the chance to, I play dress up. This dress is actually overused because it looks so fresh and pretty that it doesn't need plenty of accessories. Usually paired with my flip flops, a necklace, and some bangles like i usually do, I finally gave justice to this dress by pairing it with pumps. I found this really cool store that sells really cheap accessories, so I did a little haul there. Some of the pieces are even identical to the accessories found in the malls. Needless to say, I've hit the jackpot. Hopefully,  I'll be able to post all of my great finds soon. What do you think? :>

like this look? click here:

Monday, May 14, 2012


A few weeks from now, I, and my family will embark on a 24 hour road trip plus 2 days in manila, 1 day in tagaytay, and 3 days in boracay in between it all. Fun right? Now, the ultimate question in every fashion addict's mind is: "WHAT WILL I WEAR??". In every vacation, i always have things to consider in choosing what to wear.

1. comfort- don't ruin your vacation just because your pumps are too painful for mountain climbing :>
2. weather appropriateness- always check in advance what the weather is in your destination. This will help you enjoy your vacation more.
3. activity appropriateness- swimming, shopping, or sight seeing, make sure your outfit matches your activity. otherwise, even if you look fashionable, it will still be a little weird. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like an oversized cardigan as a cover-up for the beach, etc.

that being said, here are my inspiration outfits for the ultimate roadtirp/vacay of summer 2012

Ok, consider me crazy, but i plan my outfits even to the last detail including what to wear to the airport; even if i only spend a few hours checking in, boarding, and deplaning. I have low tolerance to cold weather so a cardigan is always a must, a bright one of course! :> floral top, white shorts, and flip flops for comfort. 

When i go to a different place (no matter how many times I've been there), i always check the shopping destinations. Some stores in Manila aren't in Cebu, so for the second day of my trip, i intend to check out as much stores as my day would allow me. My most comfortable shopping footwear would be my brown fit flops, the fit, the color, and the benefits (think, leg sculpting while shopping) are irresistible. A pair of aztec print leggings to make fitting bottoms easier, and a loose top.


Now, i haven't been to tagaytay so i don't really know what to expect. As usual, i googled the weather and things to do there. Since it's going to be warm in tagaytay, a sheer top, and a high waist shorts would be perfect. Flip flops for comfort (i don't really enjoy closed-shoes flats), and neon necklaces. 

I still have more days of this roadtrip, but unfortunately, I still havent found any inspirations yet. Theres more shopping, boracay, and of course, what im gonna wear on the road. Any suggestions? :>

Friday, May 11, 2012

ironically speechless

Ok, so i had the sudden impulse to create a blog. As a kid, i was never really the kind to keep a diary or a journal, but times have changed. What was once a tedious task for me (i really hate writing), is now a breeze with all the technology. So, my blog site will mostly be about informative things like how to's (only the ones that I already tried, reviews (mostly about girly stuffs like makeup or hair salons), and clothes clothes clothes! Expect the word "shopping" to come out at almost every post that i will make. I you're interested about these things, please feel free to read my blogs, post comments anytime, ask questions (although I'm not sure i can answer them all), and tell me what you think! :>